Monday, May 16, 2011


Most People would say when your working hard on something take a break step away for a while. That is true but not too long, especially when your dealing with music. If your working on a certain project or a certain track. Never take a long break, because music is all about the vibe. A good vibe is really important when doing a project, because the vibe you exhibit while your working on your project is the same vibe your fans or the consumers are going to get from it when they listen. So always make sure you approach every track with the vibe you want to give off... For example if you write a happy song and your mad when you record it, its not gonna come out as good as it would of if you were happy when you recorded it. Or if your just doing a project to get money and not for the love your fans will notice... So try to approach every project you do with the Vibe you want to give off... YeYe... #Stay Thirsty my friends...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Money is overrated?

If your Producing or Rapping to get paid or to get rich quick. you should quit now. Theres no such thing as get rich over night in the music game  When you see a producer/artist blow up 10 times out of 10 believe me it didnt happen overnight.  An artist?producer that wants to be successful in the music industry has to love music not money.  The managers job is to love money leave that to him or her.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Who's the Enemy?

What up yall... For all my up and coming artist and producers. Have you ever felt like someone or something is out to get you? Well Ive done research and have found out that over 95 percent of up and coming artist and producers think the whole industry is out to get them, and thats totally not the truth. I know everyone has heard the stories about new artist and producers being taken advantage of, and had money stolen or just simply just not getting what there owed. Let me be the first to say that that is not anyones fault but there own. Say for instance you produce a beat and lets say Timbaland wants to use it for a big named artist. You're up and coming so he may give you 5,000 dollars and he may keep 70,000. You may say wow I was bamboozled at first glance, but if you look closer its really a great thing. First off you have to ask yourself could I have gotten this to this big artist by myself? Odds are no. Secondly you have to look at it like an intern or a college tuition. You've just invested 65,000 dollars in your future, and for the opportunity. Most up and coming artist tend to get upset and jeopardize their whole career just because they felt like they were worth more or felt like they had been done wrong. So by the time they spend that 5,000 thousand and the money is gone and you need another opportunity timbaland for example doesnt even want to deal with you ever again. So here's what I recommend for up and coming Artist/Producers. When the opportunity presents itsself for something big that you have worked most of your life to obtain, make sure all of you're pieces are where they suppose to be. Obtain An (Entertainment) lawyer for your paper work and credits. You might not get full credit but co-production is just as good. Obtain a Manager for your relations with the big wigs in charge. Last but definitely just as important, hire a publicist so that everyone knows you created or had something to do with that particular record. Good Luck. Its been Trill Peace... Beat God

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Never be content...

What up yall... Its easy to become content or lazy when you sell a beat or get a well known artist on one of your tracks... But in reality you should actually use that accomplishment to get two,three,four, or more big artist on your tracks. Never sit around and wait to see what one beat will do, if you want to blow up you have to set as many land mines as possible. YeYe...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Being Nice

Whats hood sometimes as a Producer you wanna be cool with the labels, artist, people in charge and so on... Which is coool.. But at the end of the day you gotta remember this shit is a business... But if you come off too assholish(New word lol) you could loose out on opportunities, but then again if your too nice you could end up missing out on money too... So i've found a way to balance the both... Most artist now and days will take your beat off of a cd 2track it, loop it and throw it on there mix-tape without you knowing until its too late... I know the initial reaction depending on the artist is wtf... or if its a big artist it could be really good promotion, if u put your tag in front of your beat... Always make sure you tag your beats because you might not have gotten paid for the track at least your getting good promotion out of it that could help you sell beats in the future... So never be stingy or complain about money with beats first starting off use it to your advantage... secondly dont handle your business get someone you trust to be the median between you and the artist you and the artist relationship should always be on the creative... 3rd Make sure your beats are worth the price you are charging. Because if they are not theres nothing you or your manager can do but go back to the drawing board...  So keep those beats comin success is not hard to obtain when your on your A Game...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Be Creative But not too creative

Whats hanan peeps... I been producing professionally now for about 9 years, and one thing I noticed when trying to sell beats to an Artist is creativity is good but to much creativity is not so good... As producers were driven to the big sounds and tryna be different and innovative with our beats. But what about the artist... Artist are creative and innovative to and if u do not leave any room for there creativity on your track then u basically just made a instrumental piece... Always remember the beat and the vocals are a marriage which means 50/50 now granted sometimes the beat can carry the artist 60/40 or the artist could carry the beat 60/40 but never anymore than that... So to my up and coming producers make sure you leave room for the artist to be creative on your track... Stay Thirsty my friends.... Beat God...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Working on something Big

Whats up yall... Have you ever been so excited about something you can barely keep it a secret... well thats how im feeling right now. But I gotta keep it under wraps. Like Lil Wayne says real g's move in silence like lasagna.. So if you have an idea make sure you do all the proper things legally before you put it out there, because you will get Mark Zuttenburg or however u spell his name. (the Facebook guy)... how he stole the twins idea for facebook lol... But until then Its business as usual on the beats... Gonna try to get in wit Future hopefully...